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I’ve Been Injured, What Kind of Compensation am I Entitled to?

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We've all seen headlines proclaiming "Judge Awards So-and-So X Amount of Dollars in Suit Against So-and-So". Naturally, the media always zeroes in on the big number, the total amount the injured party [...]

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Nova Scotia’s New Parenting and Support Act

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On May 26, 2017, Nova Scotia's new Parenting and Support Act (the "Act") came into effect, replacing the former Maintenance and Enforcement Act. In addition to the new name, the Act brings sweeping [...]

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Bill C-46: How could the Government’s proposed crackdown on impaired driving affect your rights if you get pulled over?

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On April 13, 2017, in a highly anticipated move, the federal Government introduced Bill C-45 in the House of Commons. Bill C-45 is better recognized as the "Cannabis Act". The introduction of th [...]

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What are digital assets and why is it important to consider them in estate planning?

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When we think about estate planning it is natural to consider what we want to happen to our homes, money, and children when we are gone. It is less common to consider what we want to happen to our dig [...]

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Fill our boardroom!

Danielle MacSween, Blog | Article | 21 Comment(s)

Help us fill our boardroom! We are putting out a call to all those in our legal community, local businesses & community members to help us support our local Transition House Foundation by stopping by [...]

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